pic: Kressly in MOE Jersey at DC

How MOE 365 mentors congratulate 2009 DC Woodie Flowers Regional Award winners.

What a cool surprise as I was field side prior to the start of Saturday’s action. MOE … and I mean ALL of MOE … descended upon my location and presented me with a 10th anniversary MOE shirt and proceeded to give me a resounding and modified version of the MOE cheer. Thanks guys, you’ve been a great friend to 1712 and to me dating back through my days as a Senior Mentor to my time with 103. Your example has always been an inspiration.

John or Kres, can you identify everyone in the photo?
I think MOE credit should be given where MOE credit is due. Not everyone can look quite this… sigh … MOE.

Vince “Elvis” Keedy, Bob Dudek, some ugly guy in a nice shirt, “Action” Joe Perrotto.

resistance is futile

man :frowning: GRR will be missing moe this year at FLR

you guys rock