pic: Krispy Kreme Winning Score at Chesapeake


The red alliance earned some Krispy Kreme donuts after this match…

This was my first official regional competition I’ve been to, and I have to say that it was an exhilerating experience watching that match. Most of our team was just flabbergasted when we saw that red managed to cap every goal by the end of the match!

I would just like to say congratulations to the Red Alliance for winning the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, as well as breaking the world record for capping 121 points.

That’s cool, but it’s really useless. A score of 9 would have counted for just the same in this particular match. The idea is not to obliterate your opponent, it is to just barely out score them.

While it doesn’t do anything for your Ranking Points, I would think a high score like this is still impressive. To say that a score of 9 would “count for just the same” is technically correct, but it denigrates the acheivement of getting such a high score, and is a very negative and condescending approach to take.

The score was achieved during the semi-finals, therefore making ranking points and qualifying points irrelevant. Trust me, our team has scored for the opponent in the past so that we have a good amount of qp’s

can’t wait for krisy kreme!!!

Well, it seems as if the tactic was to just make sure you have a definite win, which you certainly did. By taking your score to the max, and keeping the opponent’s score low, even if penalties came about you were still guaranteed the win. Nice job!

Thank You, we did need something like that at one point in the finals, where we got 40 penalty points called on us, but still took the match by about 20 points. I think the first score was 79-18 or something like that, and we had it knocked down to 39-18. So that strategy does indeed work, and as Lisa said, we have in the past scored tetras for the opponent there was just no need to in this instance. Plus I really like KK donuts.

Oh it took the drive teams even a few minutes to figure out that we had the high score, as we had missed the 2 tetras in the bases of goals, which caused our 121 score.