pic: Lady Falcons Meet Jane!!

The Girls of the Falcon Robotics, Team 842 meet Jane from Texas. The girls grew to respect Jane and know her from the Chief Delphi post “we left the boys at home”
It was great!! Thanks Jane!

Thank you.

Andy Baker is one of those guys who makes special moments happen. When walking back to the pits, Andy spied Fredi and left his drive team and the robot to stand patiently waiting for a moment to introduce me to him. (Fredi was in conversation with someone and I didn’t want to interrupt.) Fredi and I spent a while talking and then he invited me over to the Falcon’s pit to meet some of the team that would be there. I was absolutely delighted. Meeting members of the team and spending some time with them was awesome. And - they introduced me to the Digitally Enhanced Scouting System. They put the controller in my hand and that was way cool. The demo/explanation is very clear, very simple, and the system is excellent.

Thank you Team 842 - stay strong, keep growing, share with us. And, thank you Fredi and Andy for making the magic happen.


Aw man!!! I forgot all about the scouting system! Well, I guess I will have to wait another year. It was really cool meeting you too Jane! I never though it possible, but it was!

It was a pleasure to meet you as well, Eric.
Our conversation about team development and fighting hard for what you believe in, helping the team, will always be a great memory for me. And, anything is possible. Back in Black was total cool. Total.

The pleasure was all ours! Thanks Jane! Thanks Andy!

Jane is the Man! err, woman!

I have had the pelasure of talking to Jane for awhile now and it’s a delight and she is always so cheerful! She acts like my mother too on the forums as she yells at me when i say something stupid or what not and i also apperciate that as well. Shes a great person and a wonderful indivdual. I will meet you one of these days, maybe Ruckus this offseason?

Alex - I won’t be at the Ruckus, but I’m seriously thinking IRI and I made a promise to come north to a regional 2008. That’s a year away, things can happen - but that’s the plan. And I don’t yell, I encourage. :slight_smile:

Just wait until you meet her in person! I had the pleasure of meeting her in Atlanta and she is absolutely AMAZING!

Oh, yeah, you should defiantly come to IRI!:smiley:

I’ll second that request: Jane, please come to IRI. :]

I think it’s pretty funny that Jane is in a flannel shirt and it was GORGEOUS in Atlanta (by New England terms)! :slight_smile: I also got the opportunity to meet her in person but definitely not enough time to spend with her. SO she HAS to come north next year and be with us in da cutt!

Jane is the bomb!!! 1902 is thinking of hitting IRI this summer…/…Jane if you still have your bacon shirt we can pick you up on the way…you won’t get lost that way!

Not sure but I don’t think Texas is on the way to the Midwest from where you are, Wendy. I used to live in Indiana, in Rockville. How hard can it be?

  • note to self - map.

(Kathie - that flannel shirt felt mighty good in the rain.)

This year I got to meet three new people in Atlanta . I reconized them from their pictures on CD. I got to meet RoboMom, Jane and Andy Baker. It is so nice to finally people the you have read their comments and converse with for so long.

I drove the team van to IRI last year, leaving St. Louis about 3am to arrive at Lawrence North at pit opening time on Friday. Though I had printed a Google map and thought I knew the way, I was starting to get nervous and excited as we got within a mile or so of the school. Right after I asked one of the students to check the map, just to make sure I hadn’t missed a turn, I saw a pickup truck coming past me on the left. In the truck was Andy Baker, and he was waving at us and pointing down the road toward the entrance.

Jane, just get somewhere close to IRI, and someone will appear to make sure you don’t get lost. It might even be Andy. :slight_smile: