pic: Las Guerillas 469 2010 Robot

This is 469’s 2010 Robot… many say that it was one of the best bots in 2010

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Beautifully made and designed from top to bottom. You guys really put on a show for Curie and Einstein. Props to 469. :slight_smile:

We’re lucky to be able to practice with 469, so I had a chance to see the robot in action up close many times.

The best part is that aside from the expertly designed ball cycle mechanism they were an accomplished mid-zone shooter with a well designed drive train, ball magnet and kicker!


Congratulations on a wonderful season! I am glad the Gorrillas have tough skin because seeing this bot made my season. If you guys didn’t win the Creativity award, I might have staged a protest! A design and execution like this doesn’t come along every day.

Beatty 2002
Guerillas 2010
??? 2018

Congrats to team 469. Very nice, thought out design! worked perfectly with a perfect Auto :slight_smile: ::safety::

The first time I saw a video of their machine in action, I thought: “What an ingenious solution to this year’s challenge!”

I bet it was really fun for 469 to develop their design while watching and learning from discussions in threads like The ultimate game breaker bot. Questions were posted by other teams in the FIRST Q&A forum that validated their clever design approach. The entire time, Las Guerillas kept their concept under wraps until Cass Tech. Kind’a like “TOP SECRET” stuff! :cool: Well done!

Congrats on the Championship Creativity Award - that was probably the easiest choice for the judges to make all year!

that was probably the easiest choice for the judges to make all year!

I wish :smiley:

When you dig into 344 robots, there is a lot of creativity to debate over. But that is what makes judging so much fun!

this was one of the most creative designs of the year… the ball mechanism was so effective and so simple… who new that that would be the robot that would win all the awards, regionals, and almost championships…

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality picture… this was taken with my phone

When I first heard about this robot, I HAD to see it for myself. One of the main reasons I went to Troy is to see this robot in action. This robot is probably up there in terms of sheer awesomeness with 71 in 2002 and 47 in 2000 (I think). There has had to be a ton of precision involved in the creation of this robot, and it blows me away how they managed to made that robot fold up to fit into the allotted “box.” Glorious machine.

Plus they could push anyone else like it was no one’s business, and they had the perfect autonomous! They scored two balls while staying out of the way of the far robot, and then managed to get into the tunnel.

Your autonomous is so awesome! What kind of drive train are you guys using?

Just to be clear, this thread is 4 years old. Are you asking about the correct robot?

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To answer your question, the robot pictured above featured an 8 wheel tank drive with 8" pneumatic mountain board wheels. These were powered by 4 CIM motors through 2-speed DeWalt drill transmissions. In the back there were 2 ball casters attached to pneumatic actuators that could prop the robot up onto its 2 front wheels and the casters for maneuverability. In order to prevent this thread from being further revived, if you have additional questions please PM me.

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