pic: LASA Robotics (FRC418) 2014 Robot - PHireWire

This is a quick phone picture (and quick crop job) to show off our 2014 robot, currently named PHireWire. It gets its name due to an unfortunate accident we had the week prior to Week 0; the electronics team accidentally used 16AWG wire between the Jaguar motor controller and the motor, and during testing the bundle of wire containing these wires started smoking - the current being pulled was way too much for the wire and it literally melted/burned the insulation off the wire. Fortunately nothing was damaged (except the wire and some egos) but it was decided we’d call the robot “PHireWire” (pronounced like the IEEE1394 spec “FireWire”) as a comedic reminder of this electronics mishap.

Looks great Danny!! It shares an eerie resemblance to a certain '08 robot from up north, but I’m sure you get that a lot. Now does the whole purple assembly pivot?

You know, it’s funny.

I watched kickoff, and my immediate reaction was that we’re going to see a TON of Simbot SS clones, and as the weeks of build season progressed, it seemed like the majority ran away from that idea, and this is the first one vaguely reminiscent I’ve seen as a finished product.

The arm pivots using a lead screw which moves a slide on a lineal bearing which in turn move the connecting rods.

Looks great guys! Got a video we can watch?


We evaluated several different designs, they all had their pro’s and con’s. We looked at designs similar to the Ri3D designs, BuildBlitz, and others - in the end, this design met our goals. Of course we did several aspects differently to meet our design constraints and the differing requirements this year, but overall this robot has exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier.


I think that it’s because teams quickly complicated the designs by wanting to add variable angles. realizing that they needed to adapt the geometry, and just generally shrinking the design with larger/more unwieldy electronics. “Improving” an SS-esque design was probably significantly harder than many teams originally thought it would be.


Not the “best”, but gives you a taste.


I’ll certainly drink to that.


Yeah, not daying we have first hand experience with this too, but…