pic: LASA Robotics Tree Skirt

LASA Robotics found a new use for the 2007 game piece this holiday season.

Lol very festive.

Is that a timing belt pulley in the tree?:smiley:

I love your “Holiday Shrub”

This is another photo of the top of the tree. It is an annual tradition with the team and they outdid themselves this year. You can find all sorts of things, like timing belt pulleys, on this tree. Even a pompom or two.

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Awesome tree, Jane!

Happy Holidays!

That’s one use for the 2007 game piece that I’ve never seen (or considered) before! Love your tree; hope Santa brings more robot parts and geek treats!:slight_smile:

And do I see some BEST robotics 2007 games pieces under the tree.

Yes, those were the game pieces for the 2007 BEST challenge.
Funny story, our manipulator picked up the bottles. There were not enough caps for the bottles and we had to make our own. After making a few, we borrowed an idea from a Capitol BEST hub team, WATCH, and made ‘caps’ out of unfinished drawer pulls/knobs for practice. They worked.

Man, a tree in your shop? I’m green with envy. :slight_smile:

Good pun, Billfred!

The Frankentree (that is the tree’s name) is located in our teacher’s Scitech classroom in a corner. The wood shop and metal shop are across the hall from the classroom. During build, the entire area is a hub of activity.

Nice original use of the tube! That’s a very good tradition that I’m sure you guys enjoy each year. Kudos, and Merry Christmas!!! :slight_smile:

The photo shows a red ringer. If it were a blue ringer, would the plant be a “Hanukkah bush”?? :wink:

On second thought, maybe we need an entirely new designation for a decorative robotics tree… something about a bushing?

It looks great Jane…thanks for Planting the idea!

Well after Billfred’s pun I can only asked…

Jane, what did the team get on the FIRST day of Christmas? :rolleyes:

A CNC mill in a pear tree?

Some of that ‘hardest fun ever’ wrapped in a red, white, and blue package with a tag that says, ‘do not open until KICK OFF, JANUARY 5, 2008!!!’

Kickoff is the LAST day of Christmas this year …

I just have to–

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the GDC gave to me:
Twelve hours of headache,
eleven motors a-turning,
ten hours of working,
nine rules changes,*
eight-hour work days,
seven too-short build days,
six crazy people,**
fiiive miiilllllion brain-hours!
Four small CIM motors,
three minute animation,
Two big tote boxes,
And a game for the '08 season!

*Please, no!
**the human robots of kickoff, who else

Hey, anyone want to get a choir together to sing this during the “wait for NH” phase of kickoff? Or maybe get the words projected onto the screen for a giant karioke?

All I know is that Ms. Piggy has been singing (I’m a generous soul) this in my head for several hours now. ‘Five million brain-hours!!!’ is loud, Kermit would cringe.

Great idea, Gary.