pic: LASER 3284 Howitzer front

Great looking bot! Can’t wait to see you guys in OKC!

This looks like it will be an awesome robot. Do you have any videos of practice?

Another great looking robot Mitch! Laser always puts out some quality stuff, good luck this season.

Looking sharp, keep up the good work Camdenton!

Looks sweet. What bore are the launcher cylinders?

Great looking bot! Hopefully we will get a chance to drive up those ramps in OKC. You guys always set the bar high in every aspect of your team and this robot looks like a good one for sure! Would love to see video.

Thanks. We are excited to be returning to OKC.
We were so impressed with the teams and venue last year.

We have two 3/4" bore 12" stroke cylinders inside the 2" square tube. Each cylinder has it own individual tank on the 60 PSI side dumping into the cylinders with a mechanical 3 way valve to get the acceleration need to elevate the cube 4 feet. We are not using a solenoid to fire the cylinders. We believe this will pass inspection. We do not plan to be a scale robot but only in auton or necessity.

We will try to put together something of a reveal but I don’t have high expectations. Unfortunately we had to send everyone home Tuesday (bag n tag) early due to inclement weather coming in and therefore did not get much video of the competition robot with ramps attached. We had to be out by 7 PM. We had already had 7 days missed or impacted due to weather and were late completing the comp robot.