pic: Laser-Cutting FIRST Keychains


Laser-cutting the triangles of the FIRST keychains.

We make two sizes, the larger outer size and the smaller inner size. It saves material and makes more to hand out.


What will you do with all the small solid triangles?

Play with them…Maybe gather them into the bin of the past 5 years’ tiny triangles next to the bin of tiny circles and tiny squares.

haha. We have no idea what to do with them yet.

I still have one of your key chains hanging in my room from when I got it years ago! They are such a great giveaway. Keep it up.

I don’t personally have one of these keychains, but my sister has one hanging in her car, and one of the parents on our team has a pair of these that she wears as earrings to FIRST events.

Recycle! There are many places that will take it back and make more plastic :yikes: !

Not sure if you guys make a team scrapbook or not but they could make a cool background. Or cool decorations, like a border, on anything for that matter.