pic: Last 364 Team Fusion Teaser

A Robot Inspector’s dream!

The Rio and Radio must be in a life raft, because it appears they were voted off the island. (That happened on my team’s robot, too.)

I LIKE those 6 inch Colsons.

What are those orange spool things, peeking through the cutouts on each side?

Would you mind if I ask why you have 2 PCBs set up? Will you have a large number of solinoids that just haven’t been wired yet? Or do you use both 24v and 12v solinoids? Good luck this season!

PP’s for CAN? I never thought of that before.

I’ve done it before and they can be pretty finicky to crimp properly. A completed crimp might need to go through the tool again to get a good grip on the wire. I wouldn’t recommend it to most teams, especially if they’re not extra-careful about their wiring. Of course, 364 isn’t “most teams” and it can make assembly a lot easier.

We’re using PP our CAN this year too. I didn’t have that much trouble getting it crimped nicely the first try. Maybe it was the tool I was using.

Looks like they are wheels, possibly for intake mechanism.

Looks great! I’m proud of our wiring this year too. Can’t wait to check out this machine in person at Bayou.

Actually those are 3D printed covers for our 775Pro’s to protect the solder tabs/wire connections.

Thanks, yes the electrical team took a huge step forward this year! Your’s looks very nice as well.

Thanks Clint! We’ve had a big manufacturing capability upgrade this year due to acccess to the makerspace at Delgado. They’ve got a great router and some lasers that have made this season a lot of fun so far.

We’ve had good luck putting a ferrule on the can wire (since it’s such a small gauge) and crimping the 15A Powerpole onto the ferrule. Provides a strong connection and looks clean.

We have done this in the past.