pic: last minute weight loss

holy… that must’ve taken forever, no?

YES, yes it did. I was at school till midnigh drilling last night

now thats a lot of holes :smiley:


237 did that in 2001 with panels of wood (remember ol’ 19’6"???)…so I know a certain alum who totally feels your pain :smiley:

That is alot of holes. Is that lexan? how much weight did that take out?
We also were drilling holes last night, we drilled 22 holes in our 1/4 inch drive plate that took out a lb. Then we removed a window motor that lost about 2.7 lbs then we switched from solid casters to pnuematic casters, now we are 2.6 lbs under weight. Besideds we didn’t really need that motor, just don’t say anything to our driver. LOL

the kid in the red hat
Team 836

Those holes dont reduce weight there speed holes of course.

Not sure about the weight loss for that individual peice. But all the holes we drilled in lexan last night lost over 5 pounds

we lost a bit over 4 pounds yeterday, by just taking holes out. somehow making it into 129.6lbs.
since we didn’t have time to take it apart and put it on a mill or even a drill press, we used hand drills with a half inch bit.
i don’t think ill see very many teams like us who used such small holes. well we learned that’s what happens when you start building without even thinking about weight. next year, we’ll lighten everything BEFORE we mount it.

Thank the Lord Almighty that we didn’t have to take any holes out. I would rather have but we didn’t.

We were a pound and a half over. We drilled 6 1-inch holes through 3/8 inch aluminum, and it took off .5 pounds. We drilled 6 identical holes, and around 15 5/8 inch diameter holes through equal thickness aluminum, and SOMEHOW, those 21 holes took off only .4 pounds. Our bot defies the laws of physics.