pic: Last Thing Balls See

This is an extremely well designed robot. Up there with the elite fosho

From the look of this bot, it should have done much better than its record…

Haha, thanks! We started off pretty slow (had some major wheel problems at Peachtree), but we got a lot better as the season went on and at championships we were a pretty effective scorer. I only wish we could have gotten things worked out earlier, but lessons learned for next year.

Peachtree- coundlt drive due to massive drive failure
NC - Kicker transmission problems w/ random code issues
Championships - bad luck

Either way, im goign to say it was it was the programmers fault :yikes:

no…but really it was due to lack of testing. The concept and mechanics was there, but we missed our finish deadline and just didnt have enough time to test…and programmers:rolleyes: