pic: Latest Iteration of Swerve Module

Per AdamHeard’s request, I uploaded the latest iteration of our swerve design. It is important to note that miniature hex-head machine screws are attaching the sheet metal parts together, not rivets. To turn the module, we are using a timing-belt pulley, but to turn the actual drive axle, we are likely going to use ANSI#35 chain/sprockets. Also, as is apparent in the sheet-metal chassis, The pivot is accomplished with 2 Denso-Window Motors, and the drive with 2 CIMple boxes fit with 2 CIMs each.

What kind of bearing/bushing are you using in that 2x1?

Same question.

can you post a section view of your entire bearing/shaft stackup. Drive and steering.

Are you going with key/hex shafts?

I’m using a basic flanged bushing (Brass, I think).

I’m going on vacation tonight, and will be away for the next two weeks, so I don’t promise any new views any time soon, but I’ll get one up ASAP.

Keyed shafts (.375", 3/8").

Okay. I did a drawing with the front and back plates suppressed. I may end up making a rendering as well.


And, a rendering.


Are there two bearings supporting the driveshaft?

[strike]What is the white/silvery thing between the module and the 2x1? Is it bolted to the module? If not, what do those 3 bolt-like things do?[/strike]

EDIT: Oh, that attaches it to the pulley. In that case, what are you using to support the axial (thrust) loads?

3 bearings are supporting the drive shaft. There are two press-fit roller bearings in the lathe-turned hub which you can see holding the timing-belt pulley in addition to a single ball bearing press-fit into the actual structure.