pic: Latest on wood-coast chassis

what is the general consensus right now. I guess my main question is given the choice of a west coast style drivetrain, is there any advantage in your mind that would sway your team from using a wood frame?

Not in my mind, The first five years we competed in FIRST we had a wooden chassis with zero failures. But wood is not the only alternative we are looking at so our decision process is not yet complete, and I am not the whole team. I do believe that with a good design and good manufacturing techniques wood is an excellent choice for a chassis. Just my $.02.

Thank you bertman. Thats the answer I was looking for. Basically a summary of the performance in relation to a similarly designed metal chassis. I have a question about construction. With the resources we have it would be easier to use plywood such as a quality okoume board since we could laser cut it. Do you think layering 2 pieces of 1/2" thickness together to get a thick enough piece for a bearing would be strong enough and would the thing as a whole be strong enough. It would all be epoxied together with some screws, and possibly wrapped in fiberglass. I too am very interested in alternative materials. I might end up building a chassis to try in the coming weeks.

is that the Keyang motor or the Nippon-Denso that runs on the flywheel gear
it look like a Keyang to me but poeple have been calling it the window motor and to me that means Nippon-Denso

Looks like a Keyang, which would actually run the powered seats…