My verson of a “bandana” launcher did this!

noone said anything about this?..

uasualy people Jump at a chance to take a cheep shot at me

Are you wanting people to take cheap shots at you now? This thread was a little old…

so it seems that your bandanna launcher put tape on a piece of textured glass?

maybe the reason we dont talk about this picture is we dont understand it

how many containers can you put under a glass garage door, before the opener breaks the glass trying to close the door?

ANS: 3

[did I win the Segway?]

i still have no clue what it is…

its the attempt to keep the shattered glass off the ground until it could be fixed

witch was whattered by an early verson of the “Gator Gun” witch was loaded with a steel bolt (DOH!)

you shouldnt be shooting bolts at witches - wicca is a recognized religion in this country :c)

BTW, our bot knocked a stack over at our work site, and the top box when through one of the factory windows.

maybe we should start a Robot vs Windows thread?

Tytus, do you want us to “take cheap shots at you” or something? Otherwise, why bring this up at all? Last time I checked, when you broke something, you cleaned up, moved on, and forgot about it. Apparently now you point it out to everyone and wait for them to insult you for your stupidity?

im just saying, Thanks for showing restrainght, i guess some people are growing up

and mabie i do like the attention