pic: Lavery Claus

So, Santa Lavery Claus…you promised me a free ride on a rover…so wheres it at??? :rolleyes: OK, ok the 2006 game will have to do…just a few days after Christmas.

Lavery Claus …
I have a long list, but what I want most is the inspiration and energy to do this thing we do for another year. And, if you can fit more in that sleigh, I’ll take a kitchen mixer, a vehicle that doesn’t exceed the speed limit, a big block of polyurethane, and some simple/unchanging FRC rules. :wink:

Lavery Claus…

I would like world peace, and the end of hunger… So… How about 20 pounds of flour, 20 pound of rice, 20 gallon of clean water, 20 pounds of roast beef, 20 pounds of chicken, and 20 prounds fresh fruit and vegetable for everyone on earth? And I want drinking fountains with hot tomato soup. Throw in some bread too. Not white bread, I want multi-grain.

As for world peace… How about 20 pounds of crossword puzzles/riddles/math problems/ancient secrets to keep everyone busy?

Thanks in advance…

Dear Lavery Claus,

My wish list for this year is a pony and a princess tiara… hehe, just joking… My real wish list is to get through robotics season and not fail macroeconomics in the process.

Team wish list is a tool box and some tools. Because they’re cool. And pretty.

I’ve been a pretty good girl this year… :yikes:

And… a certain short person who shall remain nameless cough me cough who, although is short, is not one of Santa’s elves, but can still report to Santa the doings of others.


ahem… I guess we could call this short-term memory loss…

Yeah Big Mike, you got me at the webhug, due to the special request of one of Santa Lavery’s brightest reindeer.*

But Santa Lavery, all i want for Christmas is a new Computer and a sleigh full of fun VEX parts. Oh, and a trip to IRI, minus the “Brandom Marcus is my hero” sign. :smiley:


*think about light reflection, not so much about brain wise

Most of you are engineers, you should know better than this. If Lavery Claus existed, he’d be dead by now. Actually, his segway might protect him. There’s no way he could hold on with 17,000 g’s. He might be better off than Santa.

On that note, please see the physics behind why Santa is real. I’m sure Lavery Claus is the same

Well how the heck else could he get rovers onto mars??? Pfeww, not with chemical rockets, I’ll tell you that…:smiley: Santa Lavery should have been a little more generous with the Climate orbiter team…They had the concept but the math escaped them a bit. I guess something about consuming a google of Krispy Kremes in a hundreth of a second to create a tear in space time threw them off…

At the risk of being the downer, perhaps Lavery Claus just visited the Gulf Coast region?

If Lavery Claus is really real, I know which one of his lists my name is on, and I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t the one marked “Nice.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Lavery Clause,

I’ve been a very good girl this year, so for Kickoff-Day I want a:

  • hoola hoop
  • doll
  • ipod
  • wills wing sport 2 '135
  • FIRST field with six-sigma control system reliability
  • photoshopped picture of you as an umpa-loompa

So, Dave, is your real name Krispy Kreme-gle, or what?

As a newly self-appointed elf, I can grant that one.

Courtesy of Heidi.

Dear Lavery Claus,

i woudlnt put it past myself to ask anything of you (except perhaps a good word or two put in when i apply for a job at NASA in a few years…), but instead i would prefer to get you a gift… a big THANK YOU for everything you’ve done. :slight_smile: you’re a great sport for putting up with so many FIRSTers poking fun at you and harassing you for hints… and you deserve a break! how do some Krispy Kremes sound? and a pink lei? i could give you some pink indian markings on your face! or perhaps you’d like a new Hawaiian shirt?

Happy Holidays!


Dear Lavery Claus,

I’d like it if you could deliver people in areas hit hard with disaster necessary supplies to keep on going on. How about one of those water filtering drinking straws for everyone as well.

Thanks a bunch,


yea yea so i missed a few, here is the way i looked at it, Im Lavery Claus’ personal enforcer, and i was just rounding up Elgin and Ogre cause they ran away from the North Pole

with Billfred, well that was just a personal requrest from the big guy himself (not me Lavery)

Thanks Elgin & Heidi!

Can you have Dave autograph it and give it to me at the founder’s reception?
… or better yet, a pin!! :smiley:

All I want for Christmas is better health and sanitation for all the good little girls and boys out there. Santa Lavery can accomplish this by purchasing a new pair of white gloves and incinerating his old pair before delivering goodies to the masses, because based upon the above picture, I don’t want to know where the old ones have been (or are about to go)…:slight_smile: