pic: Lavery for State Assembly

This reminds me of that old post about the Andy Baker election poster. Except this one’s real.

While driving to the Mall with Libby on Sunday, we spotted a sign for LEON for Florida State Attorney. We tried to get a picture but it was too hard because traffic was clear and there were no opportunities to stop.

Who else thinks that at the end of kickoff, Dave should say, “Let’s Get To Work!” ?

“Let’s get to work!”

Love it… I think I found my running mate.

Bacon in every frying pan, and fresh donuts in every cupboard.


This is a campaign I could get behind!

And I’m picturing the incremental increase in all of our behinds if that campaign was successful! :ahh:

I’ll vote for anyone running on the bacon platform.

Oh no…this just plain scares me.

redistribution Kokomo style.

“Lavery for State Assembly” - isn’t that a demotion? :wink:

Hey, let’s do this right!




this platform is getting very breakfast like.

bacon AND fresh doughnuts?

i know who has my vote!

its the breakfast party!

You sure it’s not the Breakfast Club? :stuck_out_tongue:

(insert obligatory Baker-and-Lavery Photoshop job here that I can’t do at the moment–gotta get to work!)

To the PurdueFIRST teams, this has quite a different meaning.

For Sate Assembly there are no elections. There is only a Doughnut eating contest between the candidates. We are assured for victory!

you all joke but I have really put a lot of thought into which candidate would be better for FIRST
but I mean who could be better for first than Andy and Dave

i always imagined andy of being the misunderstood tough guy.

im shure he knows “Screws fall out all the time, the worlds’ an imperfect place.”


The possibilities are endless just like upcoming game hints lol…

Head starts to hurt if a FIRSTer OR TOP FIRSTER was in office :stuck_out_tongue:

A def. water game would be introduced into law rofl