pic: laying out the robot

working out layout for team 842 robot

ooh…ooh…I see an interesting material being used for the electronics board!

Is the robot kind of square, rather than a long rectangle?

Looks great. Can I ask a few questions?

-Are the gears boxes the AndyMark SuperShifter?
-Are there two 2 1/2 inch motors or one 3 inch and one 2 1/2 inch motor on each gearbox.
-The quarter inch aluminum is just to generalize the size of the robot, right?


The 1/4" aluminum is actually 1/4" fiberglass…a Falcon Robotics tradition…

It have a narrower front, but basically rectagle

are those the mini-bike motors? I thought by rule of <R59>/<R60> we are only allowed four 2 1/2 cim motors on the robot. The mini bike motors are not allowed.

correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes AM Supershifter with 2 -21/2 cims, with servo shift
and as Squirrel said the aluminum is really 1/4 pultruded fiberglass

that honeycomb material looks like that strong, lightweight material that Boeing sells when they want to dump stuff. I saw it or a similar material in Washington and many Electric Car teams use that material as a substitute for fiberglass.

If you swap the breaker panels and the speed controllers, you can use the motor wiring directly to the Victors and save some wire loss. If you put them in a row, then that will leave some room in the center for the breaker panels with the terminal block at the front and you will essentially eliminate close to 4 wire feet of loss. At 0.1 volt drop per wirefoot at 100 amps you can get a little more out of the drive system. Then you can put the battery in the front to use it as counter weight and wire to the main breaker on the outside of the robot next to the breaker panels. Cool

It looks like corrugated cardboard to me… I have some real thick cardboard sitting around in my room (looks similar to that material), and its actually pretty strong stuff. My father and I experimented with putting polyurethane on some, and it made it a good deal stiffer, too; cardboard’s performance is nowhere near carbon fibre, fibreglass, Kevlar composites, etc, but it is surprisingly strong given its relative low cost and weight.

Thanks Al, will do.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! dont tell diesel that they are super shifters!!! then he will want to use them! pretend they arent there ben okay?