pic: Lego Iwo Jima

At the new national Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia, they have a smaller Lego version of the Marine’s Iwo Jima Monument.
(BTW- excellent museum! Visit it quickly before everyone knows about it. Free admission, free parking, free audio tour)

That’s is really cool i wonder how much time and pieces tit took to make it :yikes:

WOW! That is spectacular. Where’s that at?

The building looks really neat when you drive by it at night, but I haven’t taken the time to stop and look inside. Maybe I will next week.


I went there 2 months ago and its half finished (the museum). Its quite spectacular and interactive and when i saw that lego assembly my mouth dropped… it looks better imho than the ones at disney world in the water… The museum is well worth the visit :slight_smile:

So I see that FLL puts out some good engineers too. [/silly]

That looks awesome.