pic: lego omnidrive base

again a remote controlled robot. fully functional omnidrive robot base made of lego. its not the smalles but its definitly the most sturdiest omnidrive base ive made. low cg too. rather invertible if you wanted to. heh.

YES! The Pool of Lego Crazi’s is growing.

i love how its nice and spaced out. can you post a close-up picture of your wheeles. there always the hardest part.

Love the 24t Gear being improvised do to lack of little wheels for rolers.

Get some video of it in action for us! :smiley:

Nice job. What do the pneumatics do?

love to make a video for you guys but i replaced the batteries so the programs gone and my ir tower isnt working so i cant download a new one… i just bought a new tower so once i get that and download it ill try to get a video of it.
the pneumatics and the stuff you see down the center of the base is just a ‘fun’ thing i put on just for the fun of it. its a rubberband launcher :smiley:
see the old motor near the top of the photo? that (geared down with a clutch to prevent killing the structure and chain to gear it down more) connects to an axle which is linked to an arm that lifts the whole “barrel” up to shoot farther and also when it reaches full height it releases a pneumatic switch to push the two small cylinders which allow the rubber band holder to unlock and shoot the rubber band. the few springs up front (the way the arrows are pointing) are there to give the rubber band more push (or pull) to release it at a faster velocity…or so i think…theoretically… :smiley: this rubber band shooter mechanism is quite accurate considering i finished it in about half an hour. shooting rubber bands across the room, i seem to be able to hit a water bottle at least once every 5 shots. and that distance is about 3 and a half meters. hehe.

thats really awesome. There are some other omni lego bots online, but i have never seen anyone make wheels like that, Truely ingenuitive.

looks like the SPAM bot from this year…good job tytus

It wasnt tytus who made it, it was greencactus3, and he is well deserving of credit on this bot.


lol-- it does remind me of S.A.M. with the base and all. But nice work though, must have had fun playing with legos and figuring it all out. LEGOS RULE!!

Great job again and keep on playing with legos and making awesome creations!!

You should post that in Brickshelf and/or LUGNet. Even the AFOLs (Adult Fans Of Lego) would like that!

What’s the arm in the center?