pic: Leo 5.0 multi mode (front)

This is our robot (1230) with its offense mode combined with its defense mode, (aka multi mode) the ramp can hold for the 12 inch bonus and deploys in under 4 seconds.

Nice, what does the arm do, Pick up robots or intertubes or both?


It looks like you recycled the 2003 ramp material.
I thought about using that material but no one kept it.
Good luck at the NYC Regional.

Biggest and baddest bot from Lehman High School. This is truly an impressive machine guys. Great job. Can’t wait to see it in NY.

Well, the arm picks up only inner tubes and yea, thats the same stuff from 2003 (hey if it gets you rookie of the year then its probably good luck.:D, btw the video is here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8511977920866667870&hl=en)