pic: Letter from Dean

This is the letter I got back from Dean after my parents mailed out Eagle Commendation letter requests. This one is getting framed.

That is really awesome. Dean is a class act. Congrats!

Congrats! That’s amazing and so special that you got such a great response. Makes me wish I’d thought to write to him back when I got my Eagle!

Congratulations on your Eagle!! I had been planning on sending a letter to Dean when I get my Eagle (sometime in 2013) but it’s neat to see that he responds.

Congrats again, I look forward to joining you and others in the nest.

SPL Troop 332
Gereld R. Ford Council
West Michigan

(P.S. Funny, we have the same name!)

Congrats on both counts!

As a former scoutmaster and father of an Eagle Scout I know what a difficult road it is. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Congratulations on your Eagle Award. I owe you a handshake next time we meet. I am very proud of your accomplishment. Having participated in the path to Eagle for 30+ young men, I know you have done your best and been an inspiration to others. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work!


As an eagle whose life consisted of Robotics, Scouts, School (and sleep if there was time), I know how hard you have worked dedicating your time to something higher than yourself!

This letter is awesome :slight_smile:

Congrats! I remember what it was like when I got my Eagle back in high school… I can’t imagine adding a robotics team on top of all the work it took!

Wow that is so awesome! Congratulations!

As the mother of an Eagle Scout and ex-Webleau leader, I commend you. Your parents have to be extremely proud of you. You are an inspiration to your peers, whether you know it or not. Keep up the good work and know that what knowledge you have gathered in scouts and robotics, you will go far. You have learned skills you may not know about till you are older. If you are at Cowtown, look me up. I am a mentor with Team Driven.

Cal, Congratulations on Rising to the Rank of Eagle. Becoming an Eagle Scout is a difficult feat. Doing it while being actively involved with a FIRST team is very impressive, As an Eagle Scout, First Mentor and former Scout Master I find your commitment very impressive. Keep up the good work!!!

As a future parent of an eagle scout, I applaud your efforts, and Dean’s acknowledgement. I have a sophomore son, AP student, lead robotic programmer, and god willing Eagle scout. Eagle project planning is almost complete with project completion in November. It can be done, but it takes dedication and discipline to balance all of the requirements. Congrats, enjoy the time in the woods, and in the shop. :slight_smile: Well done, and inspirational.

Congrats! I got my Chief Scout Award (Canadian equivalent to Eagle Scout) 2 years ago. It seems like all my skills learned from scouts and all my work getting that award has paid off in Robotics. Skills from Leadership to outdoor skills have helped in Robotics believe it or not.

I have to ask though, why do you send letters out to people when you get it?

From one eagle scout to another Congrats. Its an honor that is recognized by many people. Now I have to go figure out where my letter from Dean got misplaced :yikes:

How much begging would be required to get Dean to post-date one of these letters 13 years to add to my collection?