pic: LI Newsday Cover

The Sectionr B cover on the Long Island Newsday newspaper (Friday, March 30, 2007) featured a 2006 picture of frc102 and frc 545. The title of the cover is “Robot Wars”, Machines built by local high-schoolers battle it out at Hofstra.

Robot Wars… eesh.
My experience with media portraying FIRST hasn’t been positive. I’m sure some journalists will “get it”, but I’m also sure most of them won’t.

See that… its me, the guy on the far left and my awesome co driver adam. our team is 545

ahh…i remember getting the newsday at my front door when i lived in Long Island. those were the good old days…except the high school i would have gone to wouldnt have had robotics, so thank god i moved to pennsylvania!

Was this story a year old? Or did they just not have a picture from this year so they used one from last year?

I agree with Alex. The other day I got my school district’s monthly newsletter. On a column about my team the title was also "Robot Wars" Enough said.

This is a problem with FIRST in general. Instead of appealing to the government, we should really appeal to the mass media for better coverage, and then if a government official sees he can get some good press for helping an event, he or she would be more inclined to help FIRST out.

The article from this past Thursday, but the photos where from last year.

This is the first major coverage by our major local paper (Newsday) after 8 years of having the event here, so it’s good to see.

As far as the war reference, it’s commonly used by the press (which is unfortunate, but it grabs attention).

It’s also our awesome driver Kris and our engineer/mentor =]
Thanks for posting this photo!!!

I saw a story in the paper about the competition and it said that operators tell the robot “when to attack”. First needs to get rid of the battle bots image.