pic: Libby K sporting a smashing set of Lunacy earrings courtesy of Rosie!

One of Rosie promo items we gave out in Boston, Lunacy earrings!! They were a huge hit!!

These earrings look very cool. Colorful and fun.
Almost like fruit loops.

Rosie will you have any of those in CT? Somehow I missed them in Boston.

Very cool!
Look for my updated 2009 edition this week at the Chesapeake


That’s one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. When your green isn’t neon enough, you are in big trouble in FIRST.

They look like tie-dye to me. I can dig that.

I’m sure the girls on our team (at least one of the three) wil wear these. But some guys might wear them as pins (e.g. me :wink: )

Someone should make a set up for Raul.
Raul, stop by the 148 pit, we’ve got this great Dewalt brand ear piercer.

Yikes:ahh: , too early in the morning for that visual…

John and Raul–I got you covered. My daughter is making up new, never been worn earrings and my leatherman is already packed in my Atlanta bag. :eek:

Yikes! :eek: