pic: Lift Barb Lodged Into Gear

And so continues 701’s tradition of breaking field elements.

We had one stuck just like that - got it stuck running an autonomous routine. One of our mentors brought up the issue on the field supervisor call this weekend. Apparently the barbs can be replaced but the epoxy takes 24 hours to cure. Not sure what the fix will be - we ground out the gear just enough to pull the barb out.

I imagine that it will just be wrapped in some tape to make it a bit wider and them forced back in. It’s not perfect but it would work for the rest of a day.

We’ve found that wrapping the barb in tape and “threading” it into the spring is a pretty effective way of holding it in.

I just waiting for the Southwest Virginia District Event to see what gets broken!

Would this count as a field fault or would they leave the gear stuck like that until the end of the match?

Why this event? what am I missing? Or is it too inside?

Hmm… it might be because that’s team 900’s first event of 2017. They’re quite adept at… testing the field.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Cothron Theiss again.


I wonder if this would qualify as a foul under G15-H… Field damage occurred transitively through the game piece.

Thank you.
Assumed such but wasn’t sure who the statement “might” be directed at.
Sorry we won’t be down there this year, especially given all the outside talent that compitition looks to have gained.