pic: Lightning Robotics' 2013 robot Orion

Coming soon to the Kettering and West Michigan Districts!

I have a prediction: robots like this, with few moving parts and a passive 10 point hang, will tear it up on the Friday of regionals while everyone else (minus the elites) are trying to get their mechanisms working. Congrats on a great design! Have a great time competing.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about Lightning, they are pretty darn consistent right out of the gate year after year. On a side not, this robot will not compete in any regionals this year, only districts :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a mean Lightning machine you got there, is it a feeder slot shooter? I’ll be at Kettering cheering you on (although we won’t be competing there).

Best of luck!


We do have the capability of sniping from the feeder slot, however we don’t anticipate spending too much time on that strategy; once we hit elims, we figure that our shooter’s short height may draw too much defense for that.

Just remember that defense doesn’t only have to play against an offense. A good defense can defend against a good defense.

Love the design and congrats at Kettering. You have a shifter correct? Did you guys go with the pneumatic or electric? And did you get the vex shifter? Or the andymark one?

Thanks MrRiedemanJACC. We have AndyMark Super Shifters using pneumatic shifting.

Thanks for the information! You could tell it really worked well!

Also, please tell Jay I said hi. I was lucky enough to take the the IED class with him this summer at Eastern Michigan.