pic: Lightning Robotics 862 - 2011 robot, Vortex

Lightning Robotics, FRC 862’s robot for the 2011 season, “Vortex”. Uploaded for TBA.

Filing this way under ridiculously simple roller claw. Love it!

Yep, the front rollers are dog toys. Solid rubber, which made them suitable for turning on our lathe to cut the grooves for the polycord.

The back rollers are just PVC (with end caps), also turned on the lathe for matching grooves.

Fun fact: this robot was our last one (to date) that ever featured fabric sponsor panels! They used to be pretty much the only way we ever got sponsor logos on our robots, until we found ourselves a sponsor who could print stickers. Since then, we’ve switched to polycarb and other similar materials for all our sponsor panels.