pic: Lightning Robotics' Peer Awards

Coming soon to Kettering & Livonia Districts.

They look awesome! I hope Team 2337 gets to see one up close.

That looks great Joe! Glad to see TORC will be seeing you all at both district competitions this season.

This made me think of something I had been wondering about for a while. We have been looking into doing Peer Awards this season but what are the types of awards that teams usually give out?

1918 gave/is giving awards for best-looking robot, coolest alliance partners, and outstanding rookies. Hope this list helps!

One thing I love about Peer Awards is that they give the students a chance to acknowledge other teams on their own terms. 862’s peer award list can change from season to season, but an award for favorite rookie team, best pit, coolest robot, and team spirit usually show up in one form or another.

Thanks Shu, it will be fun competing with 2137 at two districts this year!

We give them out for:
Coolest Robot
Coolest Pit
Coolest Cart
Awesome Rookie
Team Spirit
Most Helpful Team
Team Uniform
Best Mascot

But you can give them out for anything you want.

Thanks for the input guys! We will have to see if we can come up with some creative awards for our 2nd competition this year.

2 more days 'til Ketteirng and the competition season kicks off!!!