pic: Lil' Willie #665

„h Our robot is a ¡§human interface¡¨ robot.

„h Our system works by raising a trough above the height of the polycarbonate wall, and rolling the ball across the robot into the goal.

„h Lil¡¦ Willie is also equipped with front and rear gabbers to hold the goals in place while loading. They are run by pneumatics.

„h Drill motors acting on two wheels apiece through the use of chains run our drive train. This allows Lil¡¦ Willie to reach high speeds without compromising maneuverability.

„h Dual window motors attached to a cable, running along a pulley system, is used to operate our lift mechanism. This allows us to raise and lower the trough for easy transport.

„h The chassis design is quadratic, as well as wide. This creates a rugged robot, and increases its stability while in motion, making it extremely durable in competition.