pic: Lisa stacks Red Bull


Lisa found a spare moment in the action at BattleCry6 to stack empty cans… did we really drink that many?

The stack looks quite tall towering over Lisa’s head like this… however don’t let the illusion of scales fool you, it is in reality only 3 feet tall.

SO wait… BattleCry is a FLL Competition?

Seeing as though there are 2 people behind Lisa with Red Bull in their hands, I can see why it would go quickly.

One of those is mine :smiley: .
Nice stack Lisa, I thought you said it was a pyramid though…

Nm. one of those isn’t mine. I kinda crushed that one over my head :stuck_out_tongue:

so this is the way RAGE student’s get their inspiration huh…or is this a competition to see how many red bulls one can stack in game while the robot stacks tetras???


looks though that lisa has some fun which is always good…

Can you say free Red Bull?
Because that’s what we had.
note: that was stacked on bleachers, like on the seat in front of me, and although it was taller than me, it wasn’t THAT much taller

[size=2]I had 3 RB’s and was cut off, but that’s what an hour and a half of sleep will do to ya:D

And no henry, we did the pyramid later, but i don’t think anyone had pictures of that

A truck full of free Red Bull + Robotics Competition = an empty truck and full garbage cans

I hope you mean recycle bins… :eek:

So… how tall did the stack get btw? I missed the whole thing. :frowning:

Um…not very tall, it fell rather quickly, there should be another picture of me with it at it’s highest, maybe as tall as i can reach? 6 ft maybe?

What, with a step stool? :stuck_out_tongue: