pic: Little robot and S&T Secretary

Team 383's exhibition robot handing a bottle of water to the State Science and Technology Secretary, Kalil Sehbe Neto, during his speech at the launching event of the 2005 Globaltech event.
Globaltech will be the largest Science and Technology showcase held in Latin America, and FIRST had to make an impact appearance! :slight_smile:

That little robot is awesome! You said team 383 made it? Can anyone help with any of the construction details of that nifty looking robo-server, such as what types of motors and how many and all the motions that it is capable of? Thanks.

Thanks for your interest!
Team 383 built this robot two years ago for our annual expo, it is currently only capable of moving - it uses two globe motors and Brecoflex belts, pretty slow but works nicely.
We originally intended to give it articulated arms, but after our expo we kind of had to build a full size robot for some competition you might know, so that plan ending being postponed and postponed and… :wink:
Now that we had this major coverage, we will have to articulate its arms, hands, and who knows what else? We haven’t decided yet if we’ll upgrade this one or just build a new one from scratch - since the Brecoflex is pretty sticky and it footprint isn’t very square, it bounces a little bit when turning. :yikes:
The construction is pretty simple, we have two globe motors directly connected (oh, the side loads! :eek: ) to “flat” pulleys - actually, we just took those FP gearbox thingies, removed the flanges and called them pulleys… As I told you, pretty simple construction. :slight_smile: