pic: LM Parking Lot after Duel on the Delaware


The black car is Kressly’s, the green is mine. Mr. Kressly stayed in the tech lab to check something, so we quickly and efficiently locked him in and hid. It was quality.

WOW! that’s quite a parking lot!

But really… Why post a picture of a parking lot :confused:

Yeah I guess I don’t understand the meaning behind this picture. Please give some details!

All I can guess is that the owner of the Sentra(?) parked in the lane blocking the black car from getting out.

This is when you get a few people together and pick the car up and move it so you can get out. :wink:

Looks intense…

So here’s the story…

After Duel on the Delaware, the senior members of Dawgma decided to pull one over on ol’ kressly.

Taggart parked his car right behind Kressly’s VW and we waited a good 20 minutes before he emerged from the building.

Kres had no idea until he saw it and after we came out laughing.

Just a joke to end a long and fun day.


Pretty funny… Also at the DUEL you guys did very well!

Mr. Z
TEAM 708 - Hardwired Fusion

Sorry about neglecting to post a caption…fixed.

…and this is the first time Taggart forgot to do something … honest … it really is … I swear …

revenge is a dish best served cold
sleep well gentlemen

Great prank, but you could have made it alot funnier…

get another car to be your accomplice, and park rediculessly close to his doors so that he could not open his doors…

somehow pic the lock, lower the window, then lower the opposite window on your car… open the same door… now he has to clinb through your car’s window, into his, perfect time to snap a picture… xD

haha… thta makes me really want to do it

haha, and now you are not only gona get a traffic ticket for parking like an idiot, you will get one for attempted grand theft auto. It would be funny though!

Actually, this would only work if your gear shift locks in place when you shut the car off. Otherwise, with your window open, he just needs to put your can in Neutral and push it out of the way.

haha, so true except I am sure he would be freaking at that point, and wouldn’t be thinking very logically.

He’s an FIRST mentor…
I wouldn’t bet on that. :wink:

Actually, Rich is an English Teacher. But I still wouldn’t bet on that. After years of dealing with teenagers, I’d hazard a guess that he is pretty unflappable!