pic: lol X-Cat pin


Our newest pin design.
You like?

One word.


Seconded, Atlanta?

I want one…haha

Ed, bring some to Rally…I’ll give you a 1511 Lunacy pin. :slight_smile:

They’ll be available at FLR and Championships. We also have button designs of that cool looking robotic X-Cat girl that;s in my av and my sig doing the Brand X (it’s not called the Koko Ed) and of our logo of our robot name Apollo X and our theme for this year Yes We Can. Plus our usual classic (slogan pins, symptom pin, our classic logo ect.). No more Find the Cat pins though. We just couldn’t pull off the actual Find the Cat pins because they were so small we couldn’t even find the cat on easy level with a key. On difficult it was impossible.

Are you bringing some to Florida?

I can has X-Cat pin?

Well, since a major part of the Apollo X logo design did come from my Florida visit last year and one of your mentors actually took that picture i guess I should be obligated to bring down some pins…