pic: Lone Star Champs - 2587, 704, & 1421

A big thanks to 704 and 1421 for being amazing alliance partners!

The other trophies you see here are:
Motorola Quality Award - 704
Website Award - 2587
Judge’s Award - 2587

Go Discobots! ausTIN CANs is proud of you!

Congratulations to the winning alliance. You guys played great, stayed calm, and took it all the way. I’ll be glad to see all of you in Atlanta, especially 704. Getting to know you guys at Dallas and between the two competitions was a lot of fun.

See each of you at the big show!

Congratulations guys, you did a great job.

Congrats you guys. Your alliance proved to be a very successful scoring team. I had fun watching your robots from up close. Can’t wait to see all of you in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Thanks Parker Congratulations on winning the gm design award

Go Warriors (704)! I knew your robot had championship blood in it :slight_smile: Hopefully we will see you in Atlanta :slight_smile:

Great job guys! The finals round was amazing!

We ALMOST got you :slight_smile:

Thanks 2587 and 1421 for being such great alliance partners. See you in Atlanta.

You guys definitely earned that win! Ya’ll definitely had that most versatile alliance, and I think that is what made you the best. Between the scoring of 704 and 2587, and the empty cells and pinning of 1421, you guys could adapt to almost any situation!

Discobots, you guys are amazing, I just wanted to thank you for the SolidWorks session you had and also that scrimmage you held during build season, those were a big help to our team! And we can’t forget Andrew Lynch, who was great during those events and is even a CRyptonite alumni!

The finals match was SO intense. I’m sure ya’ll would have had us in that second round if 2587 hadn’t had any problems, too, but even so all three of those matches were extremely fun.

Good luck to you and see you all at Atlanta

704 yall are awesome. Massive scoring robot and great drivers, human player, coach and team. Your team had one clean popcorn machine bot, that not only scored lots but looked good while doing it. Yall really played smart out there!

1421 we were so happy that yall where still available! Super efficient empty cell transporters and scary good at defense. Your team built a amazing robot that did what it was designed to do WELL, and that meant SUPER CELLS!

Our teams really worked well together. All the way from the planning and strategizing in lunch through the finals. I am still amazed that we would come up with a strategy while Q-ing up and then had the ability to change/adapt it during the middle of a match. YALL are some COMMUNICATION EXPERTS!

Yall where great alliance partners and the DiscoBots can’t wait to see yall in ATLANTA!

We couldn’t of asked for a better alliance captain y’all were great to work with y’all were good scorers and good blockers we couldn’t of asked for a better alliance. 1421 I still can’t believe that you were still around when our alliance picked You were on of the best robots at what you did.

As a first year co-sponsor, I could not be more proud and excited for our team. We had an awesome alliance with 2587 and 1421. Looking forward to Atlanta and playing against more great teams!