pic: Long Day

The hump is actually very comfortable.

What is really comfortable is when you get two right up against each other. Several different ways to unwind!:stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you guys working outside!

Long cat is long. Very jealous of your weather. isnt it a tad early in build season to really start having the “long” days?

Long story short: back in the day, we had couches in the area where we would build the robots (no, not the shop) - there are a number of pictures of the mentors taking a nap on them :yikes:

Yep, Love the weather in Florida:D

I think there is a pearl of wisdom that says:
Let sleeping mentors lie.

Or is it, let lying mentors sleep?

Or is it, don’t talk to mentors when they sleep, they will be grumpy?

I think it is, let sleeping mentors lie. If you must approach, wear safety glasses. Remember, safety first.

P.S. Rock on, Purple Haze!

don’t know about you guys, but our team is already thinking ahead to post build season movie showings. The bumps work great as recliners :smiley:

I wish it was cool enough outside for us to do that! :smiley: WE had a planned soccer event, but it ended up being over 100 (F) so we decided to watch a movie instead.

Wait, you mean that’s not what the robot drives up on?? :rolleyes:

We used to have couches, but a new principal made us get rid of them. Now its just benches, and a few chairs.