pic: Long Filename

Think the filename is long and confusing enough?

You should see the files with “EatGyrosAlpha_testing_Left” names… mmm, gyros and baklava.

i think one of my animation files was “room_v3_with_windows_reflect_rt_goodwall_anim.max”

third make of this room i’d been working on with the windows added that had raytraced reflections on them. and the robot was animated inside.

i’m sure i’ve had worse haha but that’s the most recent


Oh man, last year all of our CAD files had names like,


And it would turn out that “grabber” was the newest file!!!

All of our programming files had names like Bill, Bob, Jim, Brandon … no way to tell which was the newest file. Eek. :yikes:

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We had similar problems last year with crazy filenames and no way to tell which was the latest or not. This year I set up a CVS (version control) system and all of us writing software are much happier.

For those who don’t know what version control is: version control allows you to save multiple versions of a file (using the same file name) on a server. This allows you to go back to an older version at any point. It allows you to look at what changes were made, and when. You can also give a “tag” to certain versions of a file when that version represents something important. For instance, we tag all of our files any time we use those versions of that file to compete, any time we reach a major milestone, etc.

I’m not explaining this very well. If you’re interested, try reading the Overview for CVS: http://www.cvshome.org/docs/manual/cvs_1.html#SEC1 CVS is free, by the way.

Setting something like this up isn’t all that hard, but it’s not trivial either. However I highly recommend it to any team. It’s made our lives so much easier.

As a side note, version control systems like this are used all the time in software engineering, so if you’re thinking about going into that field it would be very beneficial to you to know something about it.

We have some mechanical design drawing name standards for our team. I attached the document which describes most of the standards.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the only designer on our team who uses this.

Andy B.

drawing#chart.doc (29 KB)

drawing#chart.doc (29 KB)

last year I was told to put version numbers in the program, and keep a consistent naming paradigm.

So of course my version number starts off as a 3, then the next one is 3.1, then 3.14, and as the version number approaches pi you get the newer files. You just have to look for the file with the longest string of digits. And the program will work flawlessly as soon its version number has all the digits of pi.

Let’s just say I’ve been told not to do that again this year :slight_smile:


that’s the longest filename :stuck_out_tongue:

we did that last year. it got to the point where it was just stupid. save yourselfs the trouble, do some sort of version control. makes your life a lot easier (this is coming from the world’s least organized person).

All of our programming was kept pretty clean version wise.


Then there were comment lines describing version history. I think the final was Entropy.1.3.4.bsx

1.x.x Original Development, no restart from scratch
1..x Major additions (One Joystick/Two Joystick choice, autonomous added)
Bug fixes in 1.*.x

Strangely enough, our naming system does make sense (sort of). “feb16” tells us the date, and the latest program on that date have the longest file names after the date. :smiley:

Just thought I’d point out that you could’ve taken a screenshot instead of using the digital camera. Seems to be a quality camera though.