pic: Long week of CAD

It’s been a long week getting a full sheet metal CAD going, but hopefully it’ll be worth the lack of sleep.

I hope someone uses an office chair as a claw.

I know that feel bro.

Ya we started our CAD week on Monday. Already feeling the lack of sleep.

I know that feeling man…

But I’ve got some Arnold Palmer for my drink of choice.

Blue monsters all the way! Just wrapping up our CAD work.

bakers rack truss nice work

I know that feeling, I’m basically my teams lone CADer this year.

Our team this year was lucky to have an abundance of people with Solidworks proficiency. We actually just finished our CAD model and are starting fabrication tonight, but I can tell you that I will never look at a Jaguar the same way after trying to find a flat surface on them to mate with.

For the lone cad team members out there don’t worry. There are plenty of people here to help on cd.

You also have access to SolidWorks forums to ask a question.

Also look at our user group network swung.org. There are 200+ user groups.

The last robot company I worked at there was one mech engineer on the team. So being the one cadder is common in small to mid size companies.

Think of this as an opportunity for job skills. Marie

Don’t even get me started on this… I can’t wait for CAN Talons.

Besides the flat surfaces this gives you to mate with, it also means you no longer have to worry as much about anything falling into the motors. My team is always hesitant to place any brass components (such as bushings) above the electrical panel after we blew a Jaguar that way in the past. Talons are going to be great, and likely sell like hot cakes when the CAN version comes out.

Same here. Estimate ~16 hours of CAD this week. I finished the drawings for our sheet metal sponsor today, which is nice.

Did any team have the fieeld SW cad.