pic: Look at Vishal get PWN3D!!!


Well, when you are in a hotel room with a group of people, usually the first person to fall asleep gets pranked. In this case, I put shaving cream all over vishal’s face and watched him rub it all in while he was still sleeping…talk about hilarious!

That is an aweful thing to do to someone. Very mean just to do it in the first place, but then to put the picture of it on public forums? Very immature if you ask me. I hate it when some people get humor out of other peoples’ misery.

I think it was all in fun and games. Not miserable. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there was any harm done. Maybe I am wrong.

To be quite honest, it WAS all fun and games. We were all laughing about it once he woke up. There is no harm done in a little bit of pranking, mainly because we ALL do it to eachother and get a kick out of it. Its just a fun thing to do when you and your friends like to have some fun sometimes. If you think it is immature and what not, that’s your opinion and I respect it, but please do not bash the picture for what it is.

To be fair, you should atleast have posted a picture of him killing each and every one of you.

As I said in my post, it was all fun and games and he was laughing. He took no offense and he was not agitated about it at all.

I agree, this was just a minor joke. Teenagers are indeed entitled to a little bit of fun sometimes…that’s, in a way, what FIRST itself is. Don’t sweat the small stuff, sanddrag. I’m sure Vishal gets a kick out of this picture each time he looks at it.

ADDITION #1: I would also like to add that I know students from Team 25, and have been good friends with them for two wonderful years. Vishal is a member of that team, and I know for a fact that they all love and respect one another, and show an infinite amount of Gracious Professionalism towards their teammates and other teams as well. I greatly admire Team 56 as well, they are a very motivated and respectful team. Their students are wonderful to talk to and I have known of them for years, since I was a first year FIRSTer. In no way does this little prank affect my opinions of each of these great teams, and it should not affect yours either.

I was hanging out with team 25, 56 most of the time. The mentors out there who didn’t know this yet, during trips students do a lot of crazy things that you dont know about. I know this, because I have been there, done that. I do also want to point out that students on the team care about each other. Every single person in that hotel room (team 25, 56) knew that they were going to get shaving creamed, and they did. I asked them nicely to not to shave cream me, they didn’t. They werent up for doing any harm to anyone. Just like Anthony pointed out earlier, it was all fun without any harm.

Well back onto topic, did you get him while he was asleep or did you sneak attack him while he was awake?


This one is when he was asleep. I threw an oreo at him and he didnt budge. Then we put some cream on his face and he smeared it on himself. Another round of oreos and then cream and he was still out cold. Finally we did it at the same time and he woke up.

Lol corey you forgot about the oreo we pasted onto his hand with shaving cream!

Yes and also thank you fin for that clarification.

I recall reading about an incident a while back where someone standing on a balcony thought it would be “a little bit of fun” to dump a bottle of perfume onto someone below.

Every event that starts with “a little bit of fun” has the potential to end in disaster. Please think about all possible outcomes before you do anything stupid.

You are lucky none of the victoms if this creaming incident jumped out of bed and punched you in the face and beat you to the ground. You’re lucky they didn’t eat or inhale any of it. Just think of all the possible outcomes, that is all I ask.

I concur with the above half of your statement. I agree that the “perfume incident” that you described above was indeed dangerous, ignorant, and disrespectful. However, I believe that a key difference exists between what happened to Vishal and the perfume prank.

You are lucky none of the victoms if this creaming incident jumped out of bed and punched you in the face and beat you to the ground. You’re lucky they didn’t eat or inhale any of it. Just think of all the possible outcomes, that is all I ask.
The members of team 25 and 56 know each other and share very close bonds of friendship - I hung out with them on Friday night at IRI for a while, and I witnessed their interactions first-hand. What separates the creaming incident from the perfume incident is the existence of a bond of friendship between the parties involved. There is a difference between creaming a complete stranger walking down the street, and creaming one of your buddies as a harmless joke.

When it comes to the ethicality of prank-pulling, you must consider the uniqueness of each individual situation. In this case, I believe that there was little potential for anyone to get hurt, and because Vishal was friends with those who were pulling the prank, I doubt that he would have “jumped out of bed and punched” anyone in the face. Most likely he was slightly annoyed, but probably got over it relatively quickly and regarded the incident as a humorous memory afterwards.

This reminds me of something that happened to me when I was at the team social in Atlanta. Someone (ahem… you know who you are) decided it would be funny to shove a brownie in my face. After the initial shock wore off, I thought it was pretty funny. This person is a good friend of mine, and because he was doing it to tease me in a friendly way, I didn’t mind. However, if they had decided to do that to a complete stranger, it would have been completely inappropriate. Again, the key difference between a prank that is harmless and a prank that is insensitive is the relationship between those involved. When the prank is between friends (and does not seriously endanger anyone), I believe it is acceptable. When a prank is perpetrated against a complete stranger, is dangerous, publicly humiliating, and plain old NOT funny… then it becomes inappropriate and wrong.

With that said, I agree that you should be careful when determining the appropriateness of a prank. Indeed, you SHOULD consider all of the possible outcomes. In this case however, I think that the creaming incident was relatively harmless, and, because it was between friends, was funny to both of the parties involved. Friends generally have good judgment about where to draw the line with each other, and I doubt that Vishal, or anyone else, felt that they were in danger or were seriously offended.

– Jaine

Please don’t take any offense to this post.

This was suppose to be a thread where we make fun of Vishal a bit more than we have at IRI. There are few of us in FIRST who don’t see each other for a very long while and we are VERY good friend.

But it turned into a discussion if this was an immature or mature thing to do. I mean come on, they are teenagers, I am too… I need to get the real me out there sometime and have fun.

There is also a difference between playing a prank on someone you just know, and someone you care about a lot and who is your close friend.

Chiefdelphi is a forum where we share each other’s opinion, make fun of each other, also teach each other. The jokes are all in good fun. Chiefdelphi is one of the forums that I like to get on, since its very interactive with serious discussions as well as fun games/jokes.

If this turns into another arguement thread, I would like to request the moderators to close this thread. Thank you.

Okay, well I’m glad you are all friends and it all turned out okay but I guess I just have a wildly different idea of what “fun” is.

It’s SHAVING CREAM. It’s get off your face and other things easily. We are not STUPID enough to go put shaving cream into each others THROATS or something and say DIE DIE DIE. We know each other for our health challenges also. Shaving cream is harmless as long as you dont go overboard with it. We just had fun brother. We love each other. The only reason I can guess you say that is because you have not had that sort of fun and are mostly exposed to the dangers.

We are kids - let us have fun. Taking all the responsibility on ourselves all day long was enough of adult hood.Thanks for your concern though - it is appreciated.

Thank you for everyone who supports the idea of harmless fun. You people are taking this completely way too seriously. 56 and 25 have very close bonds, we’ve been doing lots of off seasons and hang outs together, and we are all great friends. Therefore, the pranks we play are harmless and just funny…we are not a bunch of pre schoolers…we know where to cut the line and where and when it is unsafe to do something. Please do not troll this post if you feel as if this was immature or stupid, because to be quite honest, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but its not always necessary EVERYWHERE.

btw, I do not believe that shaving cream is toxic.
rantIf it is fun let it go. tell me you have never pranked on of your friends. I can only really consider a friend a friend if that person wouldn’t get mad if I pranked him/her. I mean come on, even adults prank others. just lighten up a bit. It is all fun and games, no harm or anythiing. Also I do agree with Arefin about closing this if it turns into a crazy lets argue yet I am argueing here…rant

So what was his reaction after he finally realized what had happened? And why would you ever waste an Oreo lol

I’m not here to argue. I guess I’m just not in touch with entertainment of modern times. I would never do anything like that to my friends, nor would I wish they ever did anything like that to me.

If all the parties involved with this incident had fun with it, then so be it. But it is not something I would enjoy being on either end of.

That is all.