pic: Look familiar?

OMG I thought of this at Philly the other week, I just couldn’t convince my robocoach to do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

…then again i probably would have been the one holding it while she controlled in hybrid, so its probably my bad that it didn’t happen. lol

haha awesome!

We did that at midwest with those hockey sticks that one team (sorry, I don’t remember the number!) was handing out, a couple pieces of paper and a few staples.

Our robocoach didn’t have anything to do so she waved the signs at the robot as it was going around the turns.

However, I must say the dry erase boards pown our stapled paper. :o


On Friday of Silicon Valley Regional I was robocoaching and while waiting for the arena to open in the morning a couple of my team mates ran up to me with signs saying:
Go Fast
Turn Left
No G22

I managed to get it going perfectly that another teams robocoach asked me how we programmed it. (it was autonomous)

^ No G22? I’m confused.

This would be priceless if someone got a picture of people actually doing it during a match. :smiley:

G22 was a common penalty, and lost quite a few matches for quite a few teams.

We held up signs during our last match at GLR.

They said:

Go Left!

Unfortunately, our hybrid code didn’t respond to the Win! sign very well :rolleyes:

LOL! Brilliant!


Adam and I had entirely too much fun with the dry erase boards. XD
We wrote “We <3 Chris Gregory (the GA)” at one point, as he’s my team’s advisor and both a really fun guy to hang out with and a great new addition to the Game Announcing staff. =)

But when I finally remembered we had a second board, we couldn’t resist the temptation of “Go Fast” and “Turn Left.” He & I even held them up during the first match of Quarterfinals.

That pic can be found here.

The boards were just too good to let a photo op like that pass by. :smiley:

Turn left, drive straight would most definitely result in a G22 infraction.

Referees can’t be robo coaches. That should be a new rule. =)

LOL! That’s very true!

though technically from the robocoach station they’re standing in, if they didnt turn left first, theyd smash into the side wall.