pic: Look for this at Walmart

The price ID on the Shelf of Walmart. It is usually near the Nerf guns.

The ones we found were all in the same loose metal bin that playground balls are found in, or the poof balls (from 2006) were found in located usually at the end of an aisle…
I’m guessing they were originally meant for a shelf since they came in a box, but were just put there because the box was destroyed & they were loose.
Just a heads up, there may be multiple places within Wallyworld to find them, so look at both places before you leave empty-handed!

we just did almost a 90 mile road trip around towns and stopped at every store that had them in a 45 mile radius. . . Got now total of 2 supers 5 moons 1 empty

If you stop at your local Wal-Mart and ask an employee to do an “Item Locate” with one of their portable hand scanner machine they should be able to tell you how many each store has in stock for whatever radius you want. They need the 658382820400 Number

Edit: Yes do call and verify that they still have them instock. . I think it is only updated couple times a day??

Note that this information isn’t always accurate: One of our mentors visited a store local to him (and got 5 of the balls :smiley: ), and was told that the store near me had 40 available. I had just been to that store moments before, and found none. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that, and drove an extra 20 miles for nothing :frowning:

It is because of this that it is always important to call the store in advance! When on the store’s site, it often has a store locater page, which includes the stores phone number. Give them a call and ask if they have the balls in stock, or if they would be so kind as to go look down that isle to see.

I posted this picture to show what the ID number and name of the ball are so it would be easier to find.

Also, I think this photo was taken at our 2nd Walmart, and it took 6 Walmart’s to find 4 of them.