pic: Look what I found at Building 19!

I was in Building 19 (a discount store that ofter carries overstock merchandise) today, and came across this display. I couldn’t find any “keepers” that were still in the packaging, but there were plenty of red and blue ringers and spoilers.

Sorry for the poor picture quality – I only had my camera phone. The sign says:

This company made TOO MANY SWIM TUBES - but it is never enough for us![/quote]

Is this at the Spags 19 one in Worcester?

hahaha, did you buy any?

I want a box!!!:ahh: :ahh:

This was the Bldg 19 in Nashua (I stopped in after going to the RibFest). If they had had keepers I would’ve bought some, but the only keeper was the display one.

Wow, they’re still selling them? I remember they had bunches last year.
I bought a few (one of every type) at the Building 19 in Weymouth last summer. They made great conversation pieces/snow tubes at school this winter! :smiley:

oooo thats false advertising. it clearly says do not use as a flotation device

If you still have a ringer/keeper/spoiler around, you might check on that. As I recall, it was “lifesaving device”.

ok, you made me look…

“WARNING: This is not a Lifesaving Device”

Sorry, ahecht, I’m months ahead of you. :slight_smile: But no picture. Nashua does have a bigger supply than Norwood: at the time of the ad the Norwood Bldg 19 had maybe 10 tubes though, on the first day of the ad. I was tempted to ask them about the “Livesaving Device”, but didn’t really want to bug them.

Attached is this year’s ad – um, maybe not. Where is the “attach ad” button? Well, the link has most of the copy anyway.

This company made TOO MANY SWIM TUBES - but it is never enough for us!

There’s never enough some of us too. :ahh:

I can’t wait to see if they’ll be selling discounted trackballs next year.

That would be too cool!

I wonder if they will sell track balls =P. If so i want one.

I’m guessing they won’t, as the trackballs are more generic and didn’t have the FIRST name on it like the tubes did, so it can be more easily sold. Also, the price of the trackballs were $80~$100, vs $5 for the tube (original price). Even at half off they are still pricy. And the quantity of trackballs were a lot less per “field”, and more durable, so there were less of them to begin with.

But the original Bldg 19 tube ad came out around this time last year, so sit tight and wait for it!

i just want one of the covers form this year so i can make a shirt out of it i have a full length skirt of inner tubes(waist to floor) so i would have a full F.I.R.S.T. outfit