pic: Look what I found!

Look at what I found what I cleaned my room!

WOW! :yikes: That is a lot of servos! Was it for a specific project or just accumulated odds and ends?
Still, it is a very impressive collection. You could do a lot with servos. Hmm…
(Suggestions, perhaps?)

at first i thought they were cuircut breakers…lol i see that they are servos tho.

6 leg walking robot. I ended up with 12 servos once and made a 6 legged robot. Bass wood frame. Used a OOPic controller to run the whole thing. Made a little key pad to drive it. Little kids LOVE it at demos (mainly because I let them drive it.)

Look at the Lynxmotion hexipod robots to get ideas.

No I buy and part out traxxas RC vehicles on ebay, hence why I have a lot of traxxas servos. And I bought the OFNA servos for a bipod project which I am abandoning for something I think will be more fun.

After I get some of the Lynxmotion Servo Hinges I will be making a simple robotic arm. It is a little simpler just so I can get used to servo positioning and control.

Hey do you have a 2055 there?

could it also be that you found your floor too? its in the picture too.