pic: Looking up!

Here is our extendable mast

i was just wondering: is the horizontal bar on the top of the mast the tube holder or did you not picture the tube holder?

I will love to hear back!:slight_smile:

Dang, how tall is your guys robot??? And is that an Oklahoma State shirt in that picture?

I’d love to see the “stick on wheels” design again. I mean, lets look at it.

in 05, adam bots (245) won two regionals and a division championship, and their main system was a stick that picked up the tetras and a lift to put them up. I don’t know about you, but i wouldn’t mind winning 2 regionals and a division.

Would you?

Well, it part of it, its not done yet. Stay tuned!

One of our mentors, he went to Oklahoma, we are an AZ team 842

ya, i saw you guys were from AZ, thats why the Oklahoma State shirt threw me off