pic: Los Angeles Sports Arena

Pay no attention to the giant water tank behind the pits at the LA Regional. It’s part of the set under construction for American Gladiators. I doubt any GDC members would be raising an eyebrow at this…

You’re in cahoots with Dave, and this is a hint!!! :ahh: WATER GAME, FTW!!! j/k

Did you guys have a workshop there? And if so, where was it located? At buckeye, that water tank is where it was.

The machine shop was in the loading dock like last year. The Robot FIRST Aid Station, which my team runs, took the orders for the machine shop just outside the loading dock next to the Practice Field (quarter of a field) and inspection area. We were all cramped inside the arena and on the field.

Looks like teams at the Los Angeles Regional had practice for a water game already:p

all of you quit being silly!!!
that tank is not for robots!!!

its for chillin in during lunch break :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I was upset with the venue.

  1. We only had a quarter field for the practice field. No easy autonomous or driving practice.
  2. There was no room in front of the field to cheer. There was just a different part of the stands to be in. It was much more personal at San Diego when you could be a rope away from your team while walking next to the field.
  3. We got IR interference from somewhere within the stadium. We would walk our robot around on its cart with the IR enabled, and every once in a while it would get a signal. This caused all sorts of problems in autonomous and two of our laps did not get counted during qualification matches. This happened to more than just our team.
  4. $10 parking
  5. The PA system within the pit was never loud enough. We could never hear the announcements and had to rely on sundial for the matches, and when other teams needed help, we never knew.
  6. They let us in late on Thursday and Friday

oh well

In response to Asa’s list, Buckeye had a few of those issues also.

  1. Due to the practice area residing in the crate holding area, we only had a quarter field also, with half an overpass.

  2. A few of our laps didn’t count either. It wasn’t many, but we know for a fact that one match we had three laps when it only counted two.

Be glad you had a quarter of a field. SVR had ~1/2 an overpass, and 15 feet or so.

ouch, we at least had 30 feet. Luckily there was a open area next to the practice field. It was concrete, but at least it was big

We lost a match 42 to 44 because they missed two of our laps.
that kinda bothered me.

And the American Gladiator set made them set up the pits really weirdly and confusingly.

And the IR interference was crazy, during hybrid the receiver looked like a strobe light.

Bleh, I’m just grumpy, don’t mind me.

San Diego spoiled you guys with a full field as practice field. LA was complicated and the Regional Organization Committee was able to make it work out with the arrangement. It was a unique layout and although pits were a bit complicated, gave it a different feel.

Per day?
What a steal.

A buddy of mine paid $90 for 4 days, while I paid closer to $35 for 3 days (only because I got a discount parking pass one day, & a free pass one night I volunteered to set up the field).

Otherwise it would have been $18 a day.

Parking at a FIRST event is hit or miss unfortunately.
I’ve paid absolutely nothing at some places, and a lot more at others.

The areas in front and behind the playing field were really cramped. There wasn’t room for the judges to sit across the front of the field as they traditionally do. The pit area was a bit tight as well. However, given the overly constrained floor space, I thought the FTA and regional planning committee did the best job possible with the venue.

The conditions might not seem too bad for teams that haven’t been to the LA Sports Arena for previous competitions. Having been there before the competition moved to the Forum, I was disappointed with the “squeeze” the LA Sports Arena put on the FIRST event. With the entire arena floor available, a full-size practice field was in place on the end of the arena opposite from the playing field. There were wider rows between pits, which really reduced robot/people congestion (especially on Saturday morning when the pits are packed with visitors). It just wasn’t meant to be this year…

Having been to the Sacramento regional the past two years, the LA regional this year was fine…plenty of room! All in all I think the regional went very well, we didn’t have any significant problems.

Did LA have any launchers? If so, you should’ve gotten some potential contestants to work field reset. (The trackballs that went out of bounds would be good practice for Hit and Run.) :wink:

Fun-sized practice fields aren’t fun for autonomous, but I’ll take what we can get.

While every regional has it’s quirks, I can’t complain too much about the ones we’ve gone to. The practice field in Manchester was small, half field and a little short – but I’ve come to expect that. But I pity the poor teams with a shooter, as there was a HUGE electrical box (I think) directly above the overpass. There was enough room to hurdle, but no room for error if you went any higher.

That was the most surprising for me honestly. The judges sat in front of the field in the beginning with no tables and then was later moved on the other side of the field in 3 short rows next to the production table.

It was also a little crowded for everyone else like the refs and the volunteers. Definitely hard to get around with the tables a short distance next to the field, and then the white (complaint, protest, I forgot what it was called?) box with at least one team member in it waiting to talk to the head ref right in front of one of the field exits.
(I can tell that the field and the tables are a little close when 1515’s grabber looked like it was going to attack me during one match. haha)

To respond to the arena issues:

  1. Practice field: we used the FIRST official one, including all the carpet they gave us for it. If you want to complain about that, talk to FIRST. We didn’t have the vehicles to bring in a better one and set it up, let alone the time.
  2. Again, not our fault. If there had been no AG sets, we’d have had something. As it was, we didn’t have space.
  3. This was brought up at the event to the FTA and others and dealt with. The announcement took care of it, mostly. Anything left would have been cameras with auto-focus, which are hard to stop people from using.
  4. $8, actually, but that is not under our control. (Neither is the hours of the food stands.)
  5. It’s always that way. I don’t know if it’s that the PA is already maxed out or if all the teams are just too loud.
  6. Something else to complain about with the security…

Billfred, both 1726 and 842 were in attendance. 1726 was shooting; I don’t remember seeing 842 letting fly. There was one trackball off the field, but I don’t think either of them was responsible.