pic: Los Pollos Locos - 2012 Competition Shirt

So in keeping with our Incocknito theme, we decided to skip the garnet this year and go heavy on the black. Look for us rocking this at Peachtree, Palmetto, and SCRIW for certain.

But, of course, you’ll have to look pretty hard.

Love it, especially the part about having no Garnet:D

“Thunder Pigs” as a sponsor… Jealous!

Just a concession to legibility…the garnet-on-black would’ve been tougher without adding extra colors. It’s the first one-color team shirt I’ve had a hand in…and I look forward to breaking it out this week in Georgia.

That’s just a little anti Gamecock jab.

I didn’t think Clemson fans knew any little anti-Gamecocks jabs!

For those playing along at home: The Drakes are avowed fans of Clemson University; 2815 is sponsored by their arch rival the University of South Carolina. The rivalry in South Carolina is pretty intense, but we try to keep it civil when it comes to FRC as both schools are noted supporters of the program. Both schools have hosted the Palmetto Regional in the past–USC from 2004 through 2007, Clemson from 2008 through 2010.

We do get to hold one thing over Clemson, though: USC-supported teams brought home medals and qualified for Championship all three years that Palmetto was held in Clemson! :smiley: