pic: Los Pollos Locos presents: Incocknito

It’s almost ready to take on Peachtree and Palmetto to defend its predecessor’s titles…if you can find it.

Looking good, good luck this season. Unfortunately we won’t be in Palmetto this year to help defend the title with you.

We won’t be there, either.

You guys will be the sole defenders of the Palmetto regional championship title.

Good luck.

The bot is looking good.

Can we get some specs on this beast?

I have no idea what is going on with the top of your robot and it looks very interesting.

It looks like the top is their version of a turret-less turret. I’d say that they can shoot from both sides, depending on the direction they run those IFI wheels. Ingenious, and simple.
As for the other specs, I’d like to know them too, particurally the angle on those plastic pieces, 'cause they look pretty darned steep…:confused:

Some specs off the top of my head:

-Kitbot 6WD (and when I say “kitbot”, I mean “kitbot”–we felt it met our needs bone-stock this year)
-Polycord elevator, with some PVC rollers on what I’ve started calling the Plinko board to corral the balls into the center line. (Our intake is theoretically two balls wide; we figured ball acquisition from the floor was a priority.)
-Bidirectional shooter designed to align against the field in certain positions for directional aim. (Not telling which positions, but you’ll figure them out soon enough.) the shooter is a F-P through an AM Planetary and CIMple Box (then sped up again through chain and sprocket–it was just simpler to adjust that way) driving wedgetopped FIRST wheels. At Peachtree, we plan to switch that tread out for black SBR roughtop.
-Window motor bridge pusher in the rear (hidden behind the Plinko board) hooked to wheels. Voted Most Likely To Be Re-Engineered for lack of proper testing.

We’re not 100% ready at this point thanks to some late-build cRIO issues (we may be ordering a fresh one considering this is the same chassis that conked out on us last year at Peachtree), but around here a saying has developed from that other USC team that’s won two titles back-to-back: Win anyway. We’ve had amazing seasons from worse robots than Incocknito, and we expect to overcome whatever comes into our path.

I would hazard a guess as to, taking into account the angle of those plastic pieces, you’re butting yourself right up between the wall and the alliance station to fire off balls quickly, to rack up quite a few twos or threes

Me, I’m thinking that your blue banners weren’t flukes…