pic: Lost in Corn


JVN assisting Baker.

it’s times like this I wish that I still had Photoshop. On man,I thought Billfred was cruel with the caption contest thing, but these are the funniest yet. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :slight_smile:

I dunno Rich, it’s kinda apples and oranges. After all, I’ve only used one or two of my own photos out of 90-something caption contests. Everything else, both source and entries, is someone else’s doing. :wink:

Indiana is flatter. :wink:

Great pic! What is Andy doing in real life in the pic you used?

I’m sure he will love this picture being brought out again.


He is demonstrating the largeness of the 2004 45 robot arm.

Nothing is as good as an Indiana pork product.

Andy B.

i like bacon too!!!