pic: Lots o' Refs #1

From left to right:
Stu Bloom, mentor for 1018
Jeff Waegelin, mentor for 201
Eric Engbretsen, mentor for 234
Jeremy Roberts, Peachtree Regional Chair and mentor for 1002
JVN, dork
Chris Noble, mentor for 1018
Chris Hibner, mentor for 308 and awesome drummer

These guys kept the weekend running smoothly. Thanks to Andy Baker for getting together such an awesome ref crew.

It is good to see Jeff’s eyes light up when he is introduced.


Andy B.

What a great job these guys did! Thanks, Refs!!

On a sidenote…this is a rare picture of Stu Bloom…he’s actually NOT on his Segway!! :slight_smile:

New from Baker Corp, Robotic Referees! :ahh:

The real Jeff Waegelin was at home sleeping this entire weekend! :rolleyes:

And don’t forget (cut off on the right side of the picture) Sean Schuff - Team 93 teacher/mentor - in his refereeing debut - Great Job guys! I really enjoyed working with you all. Here’s to a repeat performance next year!

Yeah did I miss the part where Jeff has lazer and/or heat vision?

Who’s arm is that?

Ah. that explains it. “Jeff - Mentor from hell.” Imagine if that wasn’t the camera! :ahh: