pic: Love at First Sight

Our Build Captain, Bryce, fell in love with the new AndyMark Drive Chassis.

Bryce has made my day. I have been cranky today, and now this cheers me up. Thanks, Mr. Bydlon!

Andy Baker

Shall we say,“Robotics makes strange bedfellows”?

Dr. Bob
Chairman’s award is not about building the robot, every team builds a robot.

Cold sure makes strange bedfellows doesn’t it?
Oh, this isn’t the caption contest thread! Sorry.

Glad to hear this cheered you up Andy!

On an aside, thanks for all you and your coworker’s work… AndyMark has always been so great for FIRST and everyone involved in it. The new kit chassis is an INCREDIBLE step up.

I wasn’t joking when Bryce fell in love with it. I think they’re Facebook official now.

Was afraid this was some sort of Godfather reference initially.