pic: Loving our West Coast Products 3 CIM Shifters!

Getting our boxes assembled on the comp bot, we’re liking how this looks!


How do you plan on handling possible current issues with 6 CIMs?

Edit: looks epic by the way (Y)

As long as your drivetrain is traction limited you should be fine.

I think this gearbox needs to look more 254 inspired.

I would advise greasing those… if they aren’t already. (They don’t look like it in the picture)

  • If you have three CIMs on the same gearbox driving different sized gears, doesn’t one of them (in this case the top one) have to be driven faster than the other two so that is isn’t conflicting with the others?*

Thanks :slight_smile: I had no idea

We have these too. They’re fantastic!

No problem, glad to help!