pic: Low brace for drive

Our drive brace sits 1/4inches from the ground

WOAH:yikes: :eek: Thats like a lowrider squared rofl, ours is a a quarter inch too

I’d be really careful with that. If you get hit and it bends at all and hits the floor, you could be penalized by adding traction against the hit (the aluminum would slow down the robot in the direction of the hit).

That could creat dragging problems if there are any parts on the floor or if the floor is warped

Yes, if this seems to be a problem at pre-ship scrimmage then we can replace it with C channel and move it up a bit. I am not worried about it bending, but a warped floor is always a possibility…

You can’t tell from this picture, but the bar is in the interior of the frame, so it can’t be hid directly. So i f that bar bends, added traction will be the least of our problems! :ahh: lol